Book Review: Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life


This is a great book to get people thinking about their way of life and to examine where we may go a little overboard in our possessions.

Every time that we move I think to myself that we have way too many things and there has got to be a much easier and simpler way. It is amazing the things that a household of four can accumulate just living and being. I am encouraged as I finish Becker’s book to look at some of my own possessions and see what I may be able to downsize myself. His 7 guiding principles provide a starting point and allows the person that has the desire to declutter to not feel so overwhelmed. As I look at simplicity and the way that St. Francis speaks to it, I know that I have way too many things and that to get rid of some of them can be freeing.

The examples that Becker shares are great and it is relatable to people that  have had successes in downsizing. The thing is, once you start to simplify your life and realize that you do not need everything you think you do, you can then buy nicer things that will last longer. It also allows you to spend more time with those that you love as you have fewer things to distract your time.

The only issue I have with the book is that he writes it from the viewpoint of only being a rational minimalist for a couple of years. However, he writes well and has a website in which you can follow up. Even if you do not have the desire to simplify, this book could be a great quick read and you may feel inspired.

By Alex Steward

I am a husband, father, and pastor within the ELCA. I did not grow up in the church and thus come at this pastoring thing with an unique perspective.

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