Advent Devotions December 8


Psalm 126

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

The Lord has done great things for us, and we rejoiced.

Restore our fortunes, O Lord, like the watercourses in the Negeb.

May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy.

Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves.

Are we looking back or are we looking forward? These words of the psalmist can definitely be looking back and rejoicing the time that Zion was restored, and the people of God were brought back to their ancestors homeland. These verses could also be seen as a hope for the future to come, especially during this season of Advent.

To rejoice is to be filled with laughter and the feeling of complete joy. To rejoice lifts burdens that have weighed us down. To rejoice wipes away all of the tears that have come to us during times that we are lost and desolate. To rejoice is healing.

Let us pray. God, we give thanks for this Advent season and rejoice in the little things of life that we bring us joy and healing. May we continue to abide in the hope and promise that is yet to come. AMEN.

By Alex Steward

I am a husband, father, and pastor within the ELCA. I did not grow up in the church and thus come at this pastoring thing with an unique perspective.

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