Month: September 2016

How Rich Are We?

Luke 16:19-31 I grew up with Bernice. Okay, not literally. However, she was a fixture in my hometown for as long as I can travel back in my memories. You would see her pushing her shopping cart around town and digging through the garbage… Continue Reading “How Rich Are We?”

Jesus Said What?

Luke 16:1-13 After being around sales representatives you begin to learn a thing or two. You learn how to sneak a thing or two past the managers or owners of stores and you learn how to help yourself in the long run. After graduating… Continue Reading “Jesus Said What?”

Are You Able to Rejoice?

Luke 15:1-10 I couldn’t have been more than nine years old when I can remember the first really important thing that I had lost in my life. I was out in the backyard playing or something, and was asked to keep an eye out… Continue Reading “Are You Able to Rejoice?”

Laying Yourself Bare

Luke 14:25-33 It is not unlikely that your first response when hearing Jesus’ words of the gospel lesson brought about a bit of uncertainty. Who must we hate? Why must we hate them? This is quite the challenge that Jesus has presented. However, it… Continue Reading “Laying Yourself Bare”