Month: November 2016

Living in the Brokenness

For many this has been a week to rejoice in our democratic process in selecting a new president-elect to lead this country for the next four years. For many this has been a week of shock and astonishment bringing tears and a sense of… Continue Reading “Living in the Brokenness”

The World Has Not Come to an End

Though it may seem like it. What a bitter election season we have just experienced. I sat down last night to watch the returns with a pit in my stomach that must have been anticipating the outcome that I would wake up to this… Continue Reading “The World Has Not Come to an End”

Vulnerability as Blessing

November 6, 2016 (All Saint’s Day) Luke 6:20-31 Let us pray: Dear gracious Lord, we give thanks for the saints that have gone before us and the ones that walk alongside us today. May your gospel that has been spoken and read for centuries… Continue Reading “Vulnerability as Blessing”

The Goblin Crown by Robert H. Wolfe: A Review

It is nice to switch up my usual reading with some books for pure enjoyment. I received an advanced copy of The Goblin Crown from the publisher so that I could review it. I have a fondness for books that venture into fantasy, from Harry Potter to The Chronicles… Continue Reading “The Goblin Crown by Robert H. Wolfe: A Review”