A Review of Radical Spirit by Joan Chittister

Thank you to Englewood Review of Books for the opportunity to review this title. We are a people that search. We search for the things we have lost. We search for the latest and greatest item that will make our life that much easier. These searches tend to focus upon the outward self and whatContinue reading “A Review of Radical Spirit by Joan Chittister”

A Grace Filled Summer

June 18, 2017 Romans 5:1-8 Most of us can probably point to some reading that we have done throughout our lives that have really helped shape us as individuals. It is in these readings that we find direction and even redirection. It may have been a teacher that impacted our life through the encouragement toContinue reading “A Grace Filled Summer”

Remember, I am with you

June 11, 2017 Matthew 28:16-20 Do you remember? Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember the first time you saw your spouse? Do you remember the day your children were born? Do you remember the day they took their first steps? There are certain memories that we keep ingrained in our minds. ThingsContinue reading “Remember, I am with you”