Month: October 2017

Keeping Church Weird

October 29, 2017 John 8:31-36 What if I were to tell you this morning that someone has created the quintessential painting that redefines perfection as we know it? Even better, we do not have to worry about painting anymore because there is nothing more… Continue Reading “Keeping Church Weird”

Rejoicing and Lamenting Together

October 24, 2017 1 Corinthians 12:26 A homily on the Commemoration of the Reformation; Preached alongside our sisters and brothers of St. Augustine Catholic Parish Once again, welcome to Fr. Joe Mallia, Joe Agosta and our sisters and brothers of St. Augustine Parish. We… Continue Reading “Rejoicing and Lamenting Together”

We are the Image of God

October 22, 2017 Matthew 22:15-22, Genesis 1:26 In my previous call, I had the opportunity to sit among fellow pastors and leaders in the community as we came together in an effort to be ecumenical. The intention had mostly been to see how we… Continue Reading “We are the Image of God”

Welcome to the Feast

October 15, 2017 As a preacher, this is one of those gospel texts that make you bristle. It would be easy to go to one of our other lessons this morning because they are quite a bit softer. However, our challenge is found in… Continue Reading “Welcome to the Feast”

A Vulnerable God

October 8, 2017 We are blessed in the state of Michigan to be surrounded by some very fertile land. There are a variety of crops that are grown, and the state is a leader, if not near the top in many of those crops.… Continue Reading “A Vulnerable God”

Authority, What is it Good For?

October 1, 2017 Who among us, would love to sit down with Jesus and ask him some questions? I am sure that we can all think of some questions to ask. Would they be much different than the question that was asked by the… Continue Reading “Authority, What is it Good For?”