Month: January 2018

Welcoming the Unclean

Mark 1:21-28 There is evil in this world. There is no doubt about that. If you have not encountered some form of it in your lives personally, you will at some point. It comes in many forms and the unclean spirits we hear of… Continue Reading “Welcoming the Unclean”

Just Sit in the Boat

Mark 1:14-20 Living in Michigan, we quickly become aware of the number of lakes that we have and the beauty and sport that they offer. It is nearly impossible to live by large bodies of water or be surrounded by many lakes and not… Continue Reading “Just Sit in the Boat”

Who Are you Going to Invite?

John 1:43-51 “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Nathaniel might as well have said that Nazareth is a decrepit village. Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up. Our lectionary, created over thirty years ago, once again speaks to the world around us. You… Continue Reading “Who Are you Going to Invite?”

This Calling is Dirty!

Mark 1:4-11 It is a rarity today for a person to start a career and stay employed with the same employer for their entire working life. I am a testament to that. Prior to my calling to become a pastor, I worked for four… Continue Reading “This Calling is Dirty!”