Apeirogon by Colum McCann

A fitting novel, especially in this time of continued struggles between Israel and Palestine and the talk of further annexation by Israel. My trip their earlier this year helped bring the book to life as I could picture many of the places that McCann writes about.

McCann weaves together a wonderful story based upon the true events in the lives of Rami, a Jewish Israeli, and Bassam, a Muslim from Palestine. Their lives come together as their young daughters are killed in the ongoing violence between factions. It is a story of how one can overcome death and loss.

Apeirogon is a beautifully written novel that leads the reader on a journey into the lives and struggles of families seeking peace and the end to occupation. The details that McCann writes invites the reader nto the timeline of the story as it spans the life of current day Israel. It is a must read!

By Alex Steward

I am a husband, father, and pastor within the ELCA. I did not grow up in the church and thus come at this pastoring thing with an unique perspective.

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