Halfway Through Marathon Training!


After today’s 14 mile long run, I am now halfway through my training for the Detroit Marathon. Woohoo!!!!!!!

I have been tested through this time as I wonder why I decided to run 26.2 miles. The truth is that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and wanted to do it before I turned 40. Training has been going great and so far I have only missed one run during my first 10 weeks. I have stayed for the most part injury free, except for bloody nipples (owww!!!!), and a couple of nasty looking toes that will probably kiss their nails goodbye.

I racked up 95 miles for July and will be on track to top 100 miles for the month of August. I have never put these types of miles in before, and I may be crazy, but it feels great! I never thought a 10 mile run would seem easy.

Now, you are probably wondering why the cute picture of the puppy. As I told you before I wanted a little extra motivation for the marathon and would be raising money for an organization. I chose Leader Dog for the Blind because of the connection I made with them nearly 20 years ago through the Lions Club and the proximity to where I am living now. We may possibly be getting a Leader Dog of our own to raise as well! We get to pick him up on August 19 and pictures will definitely be shared. We are so looking forward to giving back and helping raise a Future Leader Dog for a person that is sight impaired. I have set a lofty goal, and I know that through everyone’s help I can reach it. You can go to my Leader Dog Fund Raising page and all funds given will immediately get to them. Thanks for your generosity and keeping me in your prayers as I train and my family as we adjust to life with a new puppy.

Marathon Training Week 5


The weeks are ticking off quickly as I look towards running the Detroit Marathon in October. I am now 25% through my training program and I am amazed at how quickly the miles add up while training for a full instead of the half’s that I have trained for in the past.

This morning I got my 10 mile long run in and towards the end of mile 7 my legs were starting to feel a little heavy. I was definitely looking forward to the foam roller when I got back to the house and started to cool down. The mornings for the most part have been great for runs and I have put many miles on the trail in the picture.

My easy and tempo or hill runs these past couple of weeks have been going great as well and I am truly looking forward to vacation to get some miles in northern Michigan, where there are more hills than Richmond. My long runs I am continuing to use the Galloway  run/walk/run method as it has helped keep me injury free and helps me go those longer distances.

The weight continues to come off as well, even though I may have been cheating some on my paleo diet. I have insisted that pizza and beer are my cheat foods! I am sure this will not change any during vacation. Exercise and portion control is working great as well.

I am looking forward to joining up with a non-profit to raise money as I train for the marathon. Make sure to keep an eye out for that announcement as I hope to bring some support to a great organization that I fell in love with nearly twenty years ago. In the mean time, continue running!

Marathon Training: So Far, So Good

I have now completed two weeks of my marathon training and am 18 weeks away from the Detroit Marathon!

The first couple weeks of training has went more or less as planned. My long runs of 6 and 7 miles went well, although the 7 miler this past Sunday felt somewhat sluggish. to my detriment the 12 mile bike ride the day before did not help. I am looking forward to incorporating cycling into my cross training, however, knowing that I need to build that up as well and cannot go all out right away.

I stunned myself during my tempo run this past Wednesday as I accomplished back-to-back miles under 9 minutes! When my average time is usually over 10 minutes/mile this was great.

Fueling was great and I am relying on Hammer Gels to fuel and Muscle Milk for recovery. I am also still trying to stick with a Paleo Diet, with certain cheat foods, like Pizza and the beer I am drinking right now. Cutting down on sugar has been huge though and lower carbs have also had a great impact.

That is it for now. I am excited the children are out of school for the summer and that means maybe I can attempt to sleep in on Mondays. Until next time…