Book Review: Posting Peace by Douglas Bursch

If nothing else, this past year has taught us the importance of social media and the ability to stay connected. It has been a valuable resource for faith communities attempting to reach out their parishioners in a time where social distancing and isolation have been more prevalent. We have also witnessed the toxicity of social… Continue reading Book Review: Posting Peace by Douglas Bursch

Book Review: climate Church, Climate World

Where does the church fit into the discussion of climate change? How should the church approach climate change? Jim Antal calls the church out to proclaim the Good News and the responsibility it has to care for creation. No matter what denomination you fins yourself in, the call to protect and restore creation should be… Continue reading Book Review: climate Church, Climate World

Jesus Heals

June 27, 2021 Mark 5:21-43 While we may not like it, taking risks are part of life. They can be small risks, or they could be big risks. There is a chance of losing everything, and there is a chance of losing little. The world of business involves risks daily. Risks on new products or… Continue reading Jesus Heals

Calm Amid the Storm

June 20, 2021 Mark 4:35-41 What are your storms? We all have them. Be it struggles in a relationship, hiding a truth we are not comfortable sharing, financial, vocational, and made even more apparent this week, the death of a loved family member. We each react to our storms differently because we are human. While… Continue reading Calm Amid the Storm