Spiritual Companioning

Alex is a certified Spiritual Companion/Director, completing his training at Loyola University Chicago. He is willing to walk with new people seeking to find the Divine/God in their lives. You may email him to express your interest.

What is Spiritual Companioning?

Spiritual Companioning is meeting with a trained and experienced guide to reflect on how God is present in your life and calling you into deeper relationship. God, or however you envision a higher power, is the main force that guides the conversation. Through the Spirit, the divine in your life can be made more visible.

The content of the session is to discuss your life: bringing whatever aspect you may be comfortable in sharing. This may include experiences or stories that have had an affect on your life and decisions. This is a Holy conversation where the seeker, guide, and Holy Spirit are present.

It is the role of the spiritual companion to listen and help you to understand where you may be nudged by the Spirit. Your companion is present to be a compassionate and respectful witness to the joys and sorrows of  your journey.

Your companion may also help with discernment of major decisions, and suggesting spiritual practices, methods of prayer, and providing other resources that may help you encounter the divine.

What Spiritual Direction is Not

If you are looking for counseling, psychotherapy, or any other type of therapy, spiritual direction may not be for you at this time. It is not a dependent relationship where your companion has all of the answers to your problems or concerns. Your companion will also not tell you what to do, but will accompany you on this journey in life and to discern where God may be calling.

Session Details

· The sessions occur on a regular basis about every four weeks for 45 minutes—1 hour and fees are based on a sliding scale.

· It is expected that you will prepare for the session with some self-reflection. Simply, “How has God been present and working in my life this last month?

· The sessions are confidential.

· The decision to withdraw from the relationship of companion and guide is to be respected by both persons.

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