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Living in Christ, an abundant life

May 3, 2020 John 10:1-10 Back at the beginning of March, a couple of weeks before our entire world seemed to get turned upside down, Vern and Theresa joined me to go see the Detroit Youth Choir and Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. Pastor Nadia is… Continue Reading “Living in Christ, an abundant life”

Sheep of the Good Shepherd

May 12, 2019 John 10:22-30 One class that is not offered in seminary is how to care for a church cemetery! As a new pastor, it is important that it is properly maintained. Mowed on a regular basis and ensure that it looks like… Continue Reading “Sheep of the Good Shepherd”

Shepherding God’s Creation

April 22, 2018, Earth Day John 10:11-18 These are the sounds that you would hear out in the field if you were watching over the flocks. The bleating of sheep. Possibly the sound of bells. The birds chirping. All the sounds of a glorious… Continue Reading “Shepherding God’s Creation”

Life of Abundance

May 7, 2017 John 10:1-10 What does it mean to have an abundant life? Is it something that is promised only in the future? Or, is it something that we can live into right here and now? This Sunday has come to be known… Continue Reading “Life of Abundance”