Don’t Blind Yourself!

Blind Spot Monitoring system warning light icon in side view mirror of a modern vehicle

October 24, 2021 Confirmation Sunday Mark 10:46-52 It is amazing the technology cars have today. I am old enough to remember when power windows were a luxury and my father had trucks with the crank you had to turn to roll the windows up or down. You can get cars with park assist and you… Continue reading Don’t Blind Yourself!

Jesus Levels the Playing Field

September 19, 2021 Mark 9:30-37 Sibling rivalry. It happens in nearly every family. It could be over schoolwork, athletics, or even trees. Yes, trees. A couple of years ago on The Moth, a story telling podcast which I would recommend to anyone, Annie Share shared her story of the gumdrop tree. She had the typical… Continue reading Jesus Levels the Playing Field

Even Jesus can Learn!

Back to school lettering with books, pencils and apple over chalkboard background

September 5, 2021 Mark 7:24-37 Being human can be a challenge. Many times, we are ruled by our emotions and many times this is good, however, sometimes we let our emotions get the better of us. One of those emotions which can run rampant is anger. Now, there is a difference from righteous anger, such… Continue reading Even Jesus can Learn!

Washing in our Brokenness

August 29, 2021 Mark 7:1-8, 14-23 An argument about handwashing! How fitting for where we are today. Not too many argue about the benefits of washing hands. However, we have seen plenty of protests in favor and against vaccines and/or mask wearing. It is amazing to hear some of the things that have come out… Continue reading Washing in our Brokenness

Who Would Walk away From Jesus?

August 22, 2021 John 6:56-69 We all do things that could have been perceived as foolish when we were younger. Perhaps we may still do foolish things on occasion. I know I can look at my children and the foolish things they have done, but it also reminds me of those things I have done.… Continue reading Who Would Walk away From Jesus?