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Drawn to Jesus

March 21, 2021 John 12:20-33 Who remembers playing telephone when you were younger? You know, the game where you hear a message, and you have to share it with one person at a time to see how accurate the message is at the end.… Continue Reading “Drawn to Jesus”

Jesus Restores Life

March 7, 2021 John 2:13-22 How do you feel when you sense that something is not quite right? Do you question the status quo, or do you become complacent? For Martin Luther, there would be no complacency. What he witnessed and what he heard… Continue Reading “Jesus Restores Life”

Cultivating Change

March 24, 2019 Luke 13:1-9 Once upon a time a psychology professor walked around on a stage while teaching stress management principles to an auditorium filled with students.  As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the typical “glass half… Continue Reading “Cultivating Change”

Courage and Letting Go

March 17, 2019 Luke 13:31-35 I have shared in the past that I grew up in a town very similar to Richmond. The one thing that I was thankful for was that I was encouraged to read many books and these books would take… Continue Reading “Courage and Letting Go”

Entering Lent

March 10, 2019 Lent 1 Luke 4:1-13 The first spring following my families move to Richmond brought grandiose plans of a wonderful thriving garden in the backyard of the parsonage. Vern came over and tilled the ground for us and by the time he… Continue Reading “Entering Lent”

Pilgrim Road: A Benedictine Journey Through Lent by Albert Holt: A Review

What a blessing to be able to have a year long sabbatical in which to travel the world and experience places that you have always wanted to experience. That was the beginning of Albert Holtz’s, O.S.B., journey to the writing of this book. After… Continue Reading “Pilgrim Road: A Benedictine Journey Through Lent by Albert Holt: A Review”

The Unexpected God

John 12:1-8 Grace and Peace to you from God, our Creator, and our Lord, Jesus Christ. How many of you like to go shopping? Of course with having two teenagers in the house I have spent my fair share of time in a mall… Continue Reading “The Unexpected God”

Nurturing Amidst the Suffering

Luke 13:1-9 Grace and peace to you, from God our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ. One hobby that I have attempted for a while now is caring for and growing bonsai, the Japanese art form of creating little trees. My first experience was… Continue Reading “Nurturing Amidst the Suffering”

Where Is Our Trust?

Luke 13:31-35 Grace and Peace to you from God, our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ. As you get older you begin to learn a few things. The wisdom gained through life experiences and knowledge helps you determine the appropriate things to say and… Continue Reading “Where Is Our Trust?”

Turning Back to Our Baptism

Luke 4:1-13 (1st Sunday of Lent) Grace and Peace to you from God, our Father, and our Lord, Jesus Christ. This morning we find ourselves in the early days of Lent. You may not feel different. You may not sense much of a difference as… Continue Reading “Turning Back to Our Baptism”