Tag: Mercy

Suffering for Faith

February 28, 2021 Mark 8:31-38 How far are you willing to go for your faith?   Are you willing to put your life on the line if needed?                   There are countless stories of martyrdom throughout Christian history, beginning with Stephen in the… Continue Reading “Suffering for Faith”

God’s Forgiveness is Priceless

September 13, 2020 Matthew 18:21-35 “Why should I say I am sorry?” According to my mother, this was the response that I gave to her one time when I was younger and had just hit my older brother. I meant to do it because… Continue Reading “God’s Forgiveness is Priceless”

Who Are You?

Luke 18:9-14 Grace and Peace to you from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. St. Francis could quite often be found walking around muttering to himself in prayer, “Who am I? and Who are You?” He knew that he was called by… Continue Reading “Who Are You?”