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Breath of Life

May 20, 2018, Pentecost Acts 2:1-21, Romans 8:22-27   Nature has both peaceful and destructive tendencies. It can be peaceful after a fresh snow or spring rain shower. The spring brings new flowers and babies of all kinds. However, the power of nature can… Continue Reading “Breath of Life”

A Spirit of Adoption

July 23, 2017 Romans 8:12-25 Can you imagine what it would be like not knowing where you came from. Wondering everyday what your past may have been like and where your family was. These thoughts can run and even ruin your current life as… Continue Reading “A Spirit of Adoption”

The Fruit of Camp

*note: since the campers were made uncomfortable in the first camping experience, I thought I would put myself in an uncomfortable position and preach without notes. While this was my thoughts put down, my actual sermon may differ. You can always find recordings at… Continue Reading “The Fruit of Camp”