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A Call from the Wilderness!

Matthew 3:1-12 May the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, and the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord come to us in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen. It is usually around this time… Continue Reading “A Call from the Wilderness!”

Laying Yourself Bare

Luke 14:25-33 It is not unlikely that your first response when hearing Jesus’ words of the gospel lesson brought about a bit of uncertainty. Who must we hate? Why must we hate them? This is quite the challenge that Jesus has presented. However, it… Continue Reading “Laying Yourself Bare”

Book Review: Every Living Thing, General Editor: Christine Gutleben

  As we look across the Christian landscape within the United States there are many denominations with varying degrees of theology which guide their doctrine and practices. It is the hope of many to be able to work on an ecumenical level with our… Continue Reading “Book Review: Every Living Thing, General Editor: Christine Gutleben”

The way of St. Francis

St. Francis has got to be one of the most popular saints spoken of around the world. The election of a new Pope and his decision of choosing Francis as his namesake has only garnered more attention in the last couple of years. Yesterday,… Continue Reading “The way of St. Francis”