Tag: Transfiguration

The Mountain Top

February 14, 2021, Transfiguration Sunday Mark 9:2-9                 When you behold a mountain for the first time, there is awe in the beauty and sheer scale of it. Growing up in Mid-Michigan, I never really had the opportunity to see a mountain in person.… Continue Reading “The Mountain Top”

Listen to Him!

March 3, 2018 Transfiguration Sunday Luke 9:28-43a I have a confession to make, I am an introvert! When I am with my peers, I quite often will sit back and listen to everything that is going on and the conversations that are occurring. Now,… Continue Reading “Listen to Him!”

Changed for the Better

February 26, 2017 Matthew 17:1-9 While I was in seminary, every January we would be required to take a J-Term course. These courses varied from Biblical Hebrew, to ministering in the inner city, to trips to the Holy Land or Haiti. In my second… Continue Reading “Changed for the Better”

Transfiguration as Epiphany

Luke 9:28-43 Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ. There are times in our travels when we just put on the cruise controlĀ and let the road take care of itself. Or at least that is what we hope… Continue Reading “Transfiguration as Epiphany”