Tag: Vulnerability

A Vulnerable God

October 8, 2017 We are blessed in the state of Michigan to be surrounded by some very fertile land. There are a variety of crops that are grown, and the state is a leader, if not near the top in many of those crops.… Continue Reading “A Vulnerable God”

Vulnerability as Blessing

November 6, 2016 (All Saint’s Day) Luke 6:20-31 Let us pray: Dear gracious Lord, we give thanks for the saints that have gone before us and the ones that walk alongside us today. May your gospel that has been spoken and read for centuries… Continue Reading “Vulnerability as Blessing”

What’s Your Point of View?

Luke 13:10-17 Seeing the relationship that my children have with their grandparents makes me a bit jealous. I really never had the relationship with my grandparents that they are able to have today with our parents. My grandfathers had already died by the time… Continue Reading “What’s Your Point of View?”